New CountrySTAT system


The CountrySTAT team in Rome has worked hard to make many changes and improvements to the system.  The focus of the system expands from pure data dissemination to the whole range of data management, analysis and exchange. 


In the regard above, A team of Experts from Roma Headquarters, STEFANIA BACCI AND DANIELE OLIVOTTI Conductected a four day workshop in Fao, DAR ES SALAM TANZANA from 28 November – 1 December 2016 for the the 17 SSA Anglophone countries.


The objective was to give to all the 17 SSA countries the basic knowledge of the new platform and provide training on the use of the new CountrySTAT system. In particular the workshop will focus on proving an overview of: 

•         new CountrySTAT system based on FENIX

•         the international coding systems (HS, CPC, DAC, GAUL, etc.)

•         data management tool

•         thematic modules 

The Workshop ended with countries ambition and committment of using new Countrstat System.