Year published: 04/05/2013

Timely and reliable statistics are considered essential for evidence – based policy and decisionmaking

and for better support to policy implementation, monitoring progress and evaluation

of outcomes and impacts of development initiatives such as the Vision 2020 Programme, the

Economic Development and Poverty Eradication Strategy (EDPRS) and the Millennium Development

Goals (MDGs). These initiatives have accordingly resulted in an unprecedented increase

in demand for statistics as policy makers and other stakeholders seek information on national


Hence, in our efforts to tackle this issue the Annual Statistical Yearbook is prepared to be a compendium

of statistical information dealing with a wide range of development – pertinent topics.

As such, this book is designed to serve as a standard summary of statistics on the social, political

and economic situation of Rwanda. The aim of which is to serve as convenient volume for statistical

reference and as a guide to other statistical publication and sources.

This edition shows the now available data for thirteen fields namely: Population, Vital Statistics

and Gender; Health and Nutrition; Education; Environment; Agriculture; Energy and Water

Production; Transportation and Communication; Travel and Tourism; Income, Expenditure and

Wealth; Price Indexes; Banking, Finance, Insurance, Business Enterprise and Foreign Trade; and

finally Enforcement, Courts and Prison.

Users of the Statistical Yearbook are urged to make their data needs know for consideration in

Planning for future editions. We are confident that this Yearbook will become key storage of

development information on Rwanda.