Seasonal Agricultural Survey (SAS)–2015 Season A

Year published: 11/06/2015

In 2015, the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) conducted Seasonal Agricultural

Surveys (SAS) covering season Athat starts in September 2014 and ends with February 2015.

This is a summary of key results and related tables about land use, crop land, agricultural

inputs, agricultural practises and production. An annual comprehensive SAS Survey report will

be published after covering all three agricultural seasons.

The sample is composed of two categories of respondents: Agricultural Operators1 and Large

Scale Farmers (LSF)2.The sampling method used was a dual frame sampling design

combining selected area frame sample3 segments and a list of Large Scale Farmers.Coverage

of 540 segments was spread throughout the country with 25,495 agricultural operators in

Season A phase 1 from which 5,502 agricultural operators were selected during Second

Phases. Furthermore, enumerated Large Scale Farmers in screening phase were 558in 2015

Season A, of which 199 Large Scale Farmers were selected during Second Phases