Year published: 04/02/2003

The 3rd General Census of Population and Housing was held in Rwanda in August

2002 with the view to meeting three main objectives:

- to improve on the knowledge on the socio-demographic characteristics of the

inhabitants of this country in order to ensure a more rigorous integration of the

"population" variable into social and economic plans and programmers;

- to update the statistical database on population, especially after the traumatic

incidents of the early 1990s which had far reaching effects on the status and

evolution of this population, in other words, on the size, structure and spatial

distribution of this population on the one hand, and on its internal dynamics

resulting from the interplay of fertility and mortality levels and migratory flows;

- to create a geo-demographic database and to update the national

- sampling frame which shall enhance the conduct of subsequent

population surveys.

The preliminary results of this Census which have been used to produce the summary

analyses presented here, obviously cannot provide enough grounds for us to declare

that all the above objectives have been met. It is only when the computer data

processing phase, which is ongoing, shall have been completed, that more exhaustive

information shall be available to complete and validate the present results. It shall then

be possible to derive the basic socio-demographic indicators as well as to obtain

estimates of the components of the evolution of the population, all of which shall serve

as basis for the projection of the population and its characteristics. These details, in

turn, shall help to determine the most appropriate population and development

strategies and the long term poverty reduction strategies that need to be adopted by

our country.