Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture in Rwanda – Phase II (PSTA II)Final Report

Year published: 11/02/2009

This Strategic Plan for Agricultural Transformation in Rwanda – Phase II (PSTA II) document finalised in December 2008 has been developed in response to the need for an updated strategy for agriculture. The PSTA II covers the four year period 2009-2012, terminating at the same time as the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) at the end of 2012. The strategy document is structured as follows: this executive summary and three Parts. Part I covering the context, challenges of the strategic plan with chapters on (a) the role and context of the strategic plan, (b) principles of this strategy and the strategic axes for Rwandan agriculture, (c) Rwandan agriculture today, (d) lessons learned and agriculture objectives revisited, and (e) the methodology used for developing the PSTA. Part II follows on with details on the strategy and its programmes with chapters on each of the four programmes with details of the sub-programmes and activities under each major programme. Finally, Part III covers the strategy implementation and financing modalities. One annexe is appended on the detailed budget.