Year published: 16/12/2011

Dear Reader,

It is my great pleasure to present the third Integrated Household Living Conditions

Survey -EICV3 (Enquête Intégrale sur les Conditions de Vie des Ménages), which

is a series of surveys which started in 2000/01 and is designed to monitor poverty

and living conditions.

The content of this publication largely provides an account of estimates of the

level and pattern of poverty in Rwanda in 2010/11. Concluded in late October

2011, the survey examines poverty trends in comparison to earlier, similar,

surveys conducted in 2005/06 and 2000/01 and enables the measurement of total

household consumption. Therefore, in combination with high quality price data

from other sources, this forms the basis for analysis of consumption poverty over

the period. The survey also collects information on a wide range of other, nonconsumption,

dimensions of living standards.

Rwanda has had an impressive record in translating its recent growth into poverty

reduction across the country over the past five years; the results show a reduction

in poverty at the national level by 12 percentage points between 2005/06 and

2010/11. This is a significant reduction over a five-year period. The findings

contrast with the limited poverty reduction experienced over the period 2000/01

to 2005/06 of only 2 percentage points.

The milestones highlighted in this report are indeed a testament to the guidance

and support of the top leadership in the country in the fight against poverty. we

thus commend and thank the hard work and commitment of the entire Rwandan

people for their enduring efforts as we strengthen our resilience in the continued

journey towards economic development.



Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning