GDP Annual Estimates (2011/12) based on 2006 benchmark

Year published: 16/09/2012

In the fiscal year 2011/12, GDP at current prices was estimated to be Rwf 4,121 billion, up from Rwf

3,484 billion in the year 2010/11.

In 2011/12, 46% of GDP was generated by the tertiary sector compared to 32% by the primary sector.

The remainder or 16% was attributable to the secondary sector and 6% as adjustment

Growth rate by kind of activity

The estimates calculated at constant 2006 prices show that GDP went up by 9.4% in real terms in

2011/12, following increases of 7.4% in 2010/11.

Table1: 2011/12 GDP shares, growths rate and contribution to the growth.