Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) March-April 2006

Year published: 18/08/2006

This baseline is a joint initiative carried out by the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda

(NISR) and the World Food Programme (WFP) with participation from the Ministry of


Frontières. Many people have been involved in the CFSVA process in Rwanda, which

began in late December 2005. It is impossible to acknowledge them all by name.

The main source of funding was ODAN/SENAC. Special mention is made of the head of

VAM, Joyce Luma, who also secured funding for the HIV/AIDS portion of the survey.

Thanks to those in the WFP country office, food security partners in Rwanda (FEWS NET,

MINAGRI) and the National Institute of Statistics (NISR) who were involved in the

logistics, planning and coordination stages of the survey. Special mention is made of WFP

Rome ODAN/ODAV, which assisted in the questionnaire design and survey methodology;

and those in the initial technical working group (PMO/DMU, MINECOFIN, MINAGRI, MSFBelgium,

FEWS) involved in the questionnaire design. Thanks also to the National

Institute of Statistics for translating the survey and doing training and field testing. The

staff in the country office and sub-offices who assisted in the supervision and facilitation

of the field teams deserves special mention, as do staff of the National Institute of

Statistics, for all their hard work in collecting the data, sometimes under extremely

difficult conditions. We cannot forget the more than 2,806 households that patiently

provided responses, without whom there would be no point in doing this survey. And

lastly, special thanks to Patrick Vinck who brought the report to life by identifying the

food-insecure; the country office greatly appreciates and regognizes the pivotal role

Patrick played.